6 Ways on How to Feel Lighter after Eating

6 Ways on How to Feel Lighter after Eating

Have you ever experienced finishing a good meal and feeling a little a fatter than usual afterward? Don’t worry about it, it’s not easy to feel lighter after eating. And no, you haven’t gained that much weight right away but maybe you’re just feeling bloated after eating a lot or consuming too many carbonated drinks.

Being bloated is having that extra gas built up in your digestive system that makes your stomach protrude and causing you to feel a little bigger even if you’re doing everything you can to stay fit. We all have that feeling, that’s why we’re giving 6 easy ways on how to feel lighter after eating.

Drink lemon water

Having a glass of water is already enough to get rid of your body’s toxins but if you add lemon then it will just enhance the cleansing process. The lemon will wake up your digestive system and ease up the process. Plus, it’s a natural dose of vitamin C in the morning!

Cut down on milk

Dairy is a mucus forming food that can clog up your system making you feel heavier than usual. If you find yourself getting an upset stomach by consuming dairy products then maybe cut back or find better substitutes like soy, almond, or rice milk.

Watch your eating proportions

This doesn’t mean you should eat like a bird or not eat anything. Just be mindful of what and how much you’re eating. For example, lessen your intake of carbs like bread and rice and start eating more fiber like vegetables to still get that balanced diet.

Don’t chew gum

Stop consuming bubble gum to feel and look less puffy. Not only are you taking in sugar alcohol that makes you feel bloated but it’s allowing you to swallow unnecessary air into your stomach making you feel heavier.

Slow down on the eating

Even if you only have 15 minutes to eat your lunch, don’t forget to chew your food and eat slowly. This isn’t so as you can thoroughly enjoy the food but it helps you break down the food particles into smaller and easier digestive pieces that reduce gas retention in your belly.

These are just a few quick ways to prevent bloating and feel lighter even after eating. But if you’re looking for the best way to look and feel lighter then we suggest trying out Invigor8’s luxury gluta services! We have Glutathione and L-Carnitine drips that can help you achieve a slimmer body and lighter skin all in one session!

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