7 Best Healthy Weekend Tips

7 Best Healthy Weekend Tips

The weekend is the perfect time to relax and let loose – but not on your healthy lifestyle! Just because you’re not on your usual work schedule and routine doesn’t mean you can start eating junk food and not exercise! It’s during that 2-day break where you can lose the healthy momentum you’ve built.

We’re not saying to forego all the partying, having fun, and eating good food but we’re just reminding you to stay on track and keep your mind on the prize! From our healthiest and fit customers, we compiled their 7 Best Healthy weekend Tips!

1. Sneak in a longer workout

We know, who wants to work out on the weekend? But you have so much time to make you 15 minute exercise into 30 minutes or even an hour!

2. Cook yourself a homemade breakfast

Skip the to-go coffee and bread and cook yourself to a good hearty breakfast! Its extra effort but you can try that omelet recipe you’ve been wanting to cook!

3. Drink lots water

Whether you’re just staying at home or going out to a trip always pack a bottle of water with you! It’s to keep your body and especially your skin hydrated!

4. Get 8 hours of sleep

Get at least a full night’s sleep on either days of the weekend. It’ll help your body regenerate and you’ll be feeling better to start any task over the next week!

5. Do your meal prep

Search for new recipes to cook and go out to the grocery to pick fresh produce! This is a way to keep your week organized and have you getting out of the couch!

6. Eat before events

Have a party to attend? Try eating a meal or a few snack before attending! This will keep you full before the event and keep you from overeating on the buffet.

7. Reward yourself

For surviving 5 full days of work and completing tasks, give yourself a portion of chocolate you’ve been craving or have that milk tea on a warm afternoon! Just make sure don’t over-reward yourself that will make you go downhill on your progress.

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