7 Christmas Fitness Tips to Stay Healthy

7 Christmas Fitness Tips to Stay Healthy

We all know Christmas is a time where most people splurge on giving gifts, attend a lot of parties and get-togethers, and eat as much food as they can – healthy or not. We’ve given alternatives for a healthier Noche Buena but what more can you do? Maybe try Christmas fitness tips instead?

As much as we’d like everyone to enjoy a cheat day, how about all the hard work and diet you’ve put into the whole year? We’re total fitness and health advocates and don’t want your hard work to go to waste. Here some easy Christmas tips that can help you keep your figure and make you fit even on the holidays!

 1. Focus on the people

The holidays have become notorious for going off on the diet and having a “cheat day” almost every single day ever since the 24th of December until the New Year’s. But don’t make food the center of the celebration, make it about the people.

2. Stay active

Just because it’s cold means you’re excused from doing exercise! Even if mornings are colder than usual or the gym is closed for the holidays you’re not going to flex those muscles and stretch your bones.

 3. Cook healthier meals

If you’re at a potluck party, cook and bring a low-calorie or low-fat meal you can eat. Maybe your friends will appreciate the meal with fat-burning food and even be inspired to eat healthy as well.

4. Think before you eat

There are a lot of food laid out on the table, before you take a bite of that chocolate cake… think about it first!

 5. Eat a pre-party snack

With all the consecutive partying it’s good to eat first before you leave the house. This will keep you full at the beginning of the party and help you not excessively eat during the party itself.

 6. Use smaller plates

A tested and proven trick! Smaller plates make you think that you’ve eaten a lot and will prevent you from getting more servings than usual.

 7. Start new traditions

With your new healthy lifestyle, encourage everybody to do the same and even start a new healthy tradition. It’s not just so you could have a fitness buddy but to also push your friends and family to take the first step in living a better lifestyle.

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