Back to School Skincare Routine Fit for Everyone

Back to School Skincare Routine Fit for Everyone

It’s that time of the year again when you have to wake up early and say goodbye to summer vacation as the school year starts. That means adjusting your routine for your back -to-school skincare routine. No longer do you have a late night and late morning routine.

As you adjust to your new schedule, your skin undergoes several changes in the first weeks of the school year with the new sleep schedule, spending less time under the sun, and increased exposure to air conditioning indoors. It doesn’t matter if you’re a student, teacher, or a parent, we’re sharing are back to school skincare routine tips that are suitable for everyone:

Don’t skip out on your beauty sleep

Lack of sleep can make your skin suffer. It may look dull and tired or may cause acne to break out on your face.

Have an easy and fast skincare routine in the morning

When school starts, that means early mornings, and the hustle and bustle to get prepared for school. Use skincare products that are effective, easy to use, and used on the go to spend time more productively.

Load up with Vitamin D rich food

During summer, we spend plenty of time under the sun going to beaches or lounging by the pool but once school starts, you get less Vitamin D.

Always be hydrated

Artificial air can make your skin dehydrated, thus resulting in dry skin. Drink enough water to keep the skin looking refreshed, healthy, and bright!

Keep your hands clean

Once school starts, your hands are the number one priority. It’s the easiest one to get dirty. After all, we use it to touch our face and everything else (hence making it dirty). Keep a hand sanitizer or alcohol always on hand to keep your hands germ-free.

It might take some time to adjust since you’ve gotten used to your summer routine and then quickly transitioning to a school routine. But it’s important to keep your skin healthy to keep that natural glow. But if you want a faster solution for your back-to-school skincare routine, you can try Invigor8’s Wellness Spa IV Injection and Infusion for a fairer and radiant skin!

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