What You Need to Know: Benefits of Getting a Facial

What You Need to Know: Benefits of Getting a Facial

We all want a clear, smooth skin. And getting a facial is definitely one of the way to pamper your skin. Why? It’s because you get to understand your skin. It’s a huge added care to your skincare routine. What’s more, a facial can be customized to address your skin concerns and suited to your skin type. With that said, here are the benefits of getting a facial.

Benefits of Getting a Facial

Clear pores

Getting a facial will fully open your pores and removes deep seated dirt in your skin by using a gentle steam to open up the pores and unclog them of dirt.

Cleanse the skin

A facial will deep cleanse your skin, ensuring that not only dirt is removed but also toxins and oil build up. Blackheads and whiteheads are also removed which can help prevent breakouts.


A facial treatment consists of exfoliation, steaming, extractions, and mask application. This helps rejuvenate the skin, leading to a radiant glow to your complexion.

Treats skin issues

It was mentioned before that facials can be customized so that it will suit your skin type. With this, you can treat the skin issues you’re facing and having trouble with. From blackheads, pimple, dark spots, wrinkles, and more, these can be treated or lessened with the proper facial treatment.

Detoxifies skin

The skin needs to clear the dirt and grime that your skin accumulates from your everyday environment. And treating your skin to a facial will certainly clean your skin with the specialized and professional ingredients and tools used.

Boosts blood circulation

Facial massages is not only relaxing but also improves the circulation of your blood. This will stimulate the lymphatic vessels that results in a healthy, radiant skin.

The benefits of getting a facial will surely improve your skincare routine to ensure a healthier, glowing skin. In fact, you can avail our premium facial treatments, from our classic facial to our ultimate whitening treatment. You can book an appointment now or call us at 02 491 7306. LOOK AND FEEL LIGHTER WITH INVIGOR8 WELLNESS SPA!

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