Best 5 Facial Care Treatment In Laguna

Best 5 Facial Care Treatment In Laguna

With the harsh conditions our body and skin experiences daily, we need to take extra care of our well-being to maintain that natural healthy glow whatever age we get. But have you found the great facial care treatment in Laguna?

Facial treatment is a key step in cleansing the face and getting rid of stubborn dirt and oil. It is recommended that once you find a facial treatment for you, stick to it and conduct regularly as needed. You can still try new treatments but always ask your specialist on what suits your skin best.

Facial enthusiasts are always look-out for salons and spas that offer facials with results. Some have found the one place that works for them, but some are still looking for their safe place.

If you’re one of those looking for a place to get the best facial care treatment in Laguna, then we’ve listed down Invigor8 Wellness Spa’s luxury facial treatments you can try without breaking your budget.

1. Invigor8 PDT Facial

A good combination of Facial + Radio Frequency + Diamond Peel + PDT to clear the skin of all persistent dirt and oil trapped in your pores.

2. Invigor8 Anti-Aging Facial

To straighten out those wrinkles, we provide a combination of Collagen Facial + Diamond Peel + Collagen Mask.

3. Invigor8 Contour Facial

Experience a different kind of facial experience complete with diamond peel and face contouring for beautiful slimming results.

4. Invigor8 Elite Facial

The Elite Facial Package includes a basic facial treatment and diamond peel inclusion for that luxury scrub and cleanliness.

5. Invigor8 Classic Facial

Get rid of all the dirt, oil, and dead skin on your skin with a basic facial that can help you skin look lighter in no time.

All these facials are beneficial to the skin because it aids blood circulation in the face and relax the muscles that can lessen the chances of wrinkles, puffiness, and sagging. Try all of these facials with your family and friends to achieve those Health and Beauty goals this 2018!

Schedule your appointment now! Visit us at the 3rd Floor Arcadia Building- Greenfield City, San Bruno Drive, Don Jose, Santa Rosa City, Laguna. For inquiries, contact our health and beauty specialists at (02) 491-7306.

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