4 Best Ways on How to Avoid Dehydration in the Philippines

4 Best Ways on How to Avoid Dehydration in the Philippines

Weather in the Philippines has been brutally warm this 2018. The heat has been (unknowingly) damaging our skin, our hair, and even our health. To prevent further damage, Invigor8 Wellness Spa has listed down the best and simplest ways on how to avoid dehydration during summer!

But first, what is dehydration?

Dehydration usually happens when the body has lost too much water or fluid in the body to interrupt or lessen the body’s natural functions. The symptoms can include dry skin, dry mouth, increased thirst, decreased urination, lightheadedness, and headache.

A case of severe dehydration has more symptoms like lack of sweat production, low blood pressure, rapid heart rate, fever, sunken eyes, and dark urine. These only happen rarely, but keeping tabs if you have had fluid intake for the day or hour is important.

One way to check if you are having enough fluid intake is in your urine. It sounds disgusting but you will thank us later! The lighter color your urine the more hydrated you are. That is why having dark yellow urine is a cause for concern because your body is not being cleaned and refreshed enough.

The most common effects of dehydration come in the form of acne, dry skin, chapped lips, digestive imbalance, poor metal health and concentration, and extra fatigue from the heat.

Now that you know what dehydration is all about and what a great concern it really is, here’s how you can stop it and stay hydrated through the summer heat:

 1. Wear breathable clothes

The Philippines is a tropical country, the weather here is mostly dry so having clothes made of mostly cotton that have a loose to comfortable fit can help in your body’s temperature.

2. Avoid energy drinks

Energy drinks have almost the same effect as alcohol – they cause dehydration. They are like soft drinks that contain 25 to 38 grams of sugar (roughly six to nine teaspoons) of sugar that you DON’T NEED in your system.

 3. Eat fruits

It may be warm outside but that doesn’t mean that produce is dry as well! Try going to your local market and see in-season fruit. Mostly in the Philippines, the in-season fruits are mangoes, star apples, and watermelons!

4. Drink water

What else can you expect? Always make sure you are drinking your water. Have a reusable and handy water container that is always refilled! You never know when it will come in handy during your morning commute.

Those are super simple and easy to remember tips in battling dehydration and the summer heat in the Philippines! We have given more summer tips, consider this as a bonus – and there will be more to come!

If you’re looking for long-lasting and natural beauty and health hacks, invest in Invigor8’s services that can help you look and feel lighter with each session. For more information, message us at info@invigor8wellnessspa.com.

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