You’ve probably heard it everywhere online, on social media, on Youtube, on popular magazines – just everywhere. Intermittent fasting has become the “in” health and diet trend that has everybody wanting to try it out.

There are a number of Hollywood celebrities like Jennifer Lopez, Hugh Jackman, and even Demi Lovato who swear by and love intermittent fasting or IF. In the Philippines, one of the first personalities to introduce the diet concept (or at least popularized to the Ph public) is Erwan Heussaff.

Erwan, a well-known chef and health enthusiast, posted on his blog about his discovery and journey with Intermittent Fasting. He cited visible changes in his health and stamina, making him lose weight after continuous practice.

The social media savvy personality has taken fasting to a whole new level by doing a 7-day Water Fasting with his actress sister, Solenn Heusaff-Bolzico. This stirred a lot of mix emotions from doctors, peers, and the public. Some show genuine interest because of the weight loss and health benefits, while others, especially doctors highly doubt the result even if backed up by scientific research.

What is this “Intermittent Fasting” and should you try it? Here’s what you should know about this popular diet fad.


According to the research and report of the Journal of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics:

Time-restricted fasting:

You can fast about 12 to 16 a day, giving you about eight hours to actually eat. Most people do this at night, skipping breakfast, and eating their first meal around lunchtime.

Modified fasting:

This option allows you to eat about 25% of your recommended calorie needs on two fasting days, followed by 5 days of eating normally.

Alternate fasting:

You switch between periods of consuming zero-calorie foods and beverages and actual eating. Some fans follow a high-fat or ketogenic diet on their days off from fasting.


Healthy Weight Loss

Practicing IF fosters sustainable, automatic fat burning, often generating greater weight loss than calorie-restricted diets.

Less Hunger

Hunger disappears as your bloodstream grows rich with fatty acids from body fat, as well as supplemental energy sources called “ketones”.

More Energy

You won’t be relying on constant food intake—but rather stable and substantial fat stores leaving you fueled rather than drained!

Improved Metabolism

By eating food without restriction in time windows, IF supports metabolism. It doesn’t matter if you eat all at once, over a few hours, or constantly.


It’s not easy

Nothing in life really is, to be honest. Just know that this requires a lot of will and commitment!

There are side effects

Not eating regularly can affect your body and might cause nausea and other weakening effect.

It’s not for everyone

It all depends if your body can take long periods of time without any food intake. It also depends on the food you eat, if its healthy or not, and the amounts of water you drink!

Always consult your doctor

For all diet, exercise, and health trends, it’s important to always ask your doctor or a professional on whether or not it is suitable for your health.

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Fads come and go, it’s all up to us and the health choices we make that can make a big difference in our everyday simple routine.

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