Look and Feel Febulous: Valentine’s Day Celebration Ideas for a Romantic Treat

February, the month that is commonly celebrated as the month of love and romance. People all over the world want to make their loved ones feel even more loved with romantic dinners, intimate gestures, and special plans in celebration of Valentine’s Day.

But this Valentine’s, why not add a touch of tranquility and beauty with your celebration of love?

Invigor8 Wellness Spa aims to provide you an even more special Valentine’s with our Look and Feel Febulous promo!

Treat yourself and your special someone on February 14 to 28 by visiting our spa and choose from one of our relaxing and beautifying treatments:

“Pretty Woman”

If you have an Edward Lewis (played by Richard Gere) in your life, make him fall in love just like Julia Roberts did in the movie!

The combination of AGAS Treatment can rejuvenate and whiten the skin, while a relaxing massage of your choosing (back or foot), and Oxygen Therapy that can reenergize you and relieve some of your stress, you’ll surely be the only pretty woman for your loved one.

“Just Like Heaven”

Our romantic leads were able to bond despite being in a difficult circumstance with Reese Witherspoon in a coma and Mark Ruffalo being the only one to interact with Witherspoon’s spirit.

Beat the odds just like the two and feel heavenly with a relaxing and heavenly treatment of a Vitamin B Complex Push, a 5-minute foot or back massage, and Oxygen Therapy.

“The Best of  Me”

Another Nicholas Sparks tale that will surely tug at the heartstrings where you’ll aim to also be the best of you. And you can start by trying out this special treatment of Invigor8 Slim IV, a 10-minute anti-cellulite massage, and oxygen therapy.

This February, show a prettier, heavenly, better you with Look and Feel Febulous promo! You can achieve all of that by dropping by at Unit 311, 3rd floor of Arcadia Building, Greenfield City, San Bruno Drive, Don Jose, Sta. Rosa, Laguna on February 14 until 28. Don’t miss this exclusive Valentine’s treat!


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