Most Useful Facts PDT Treatment In Sta Rosa Laguna

Most Useful Facts PDT Treatment In Sta Rosa Laguna

Did you know that there is already PDT Treatment Sta Rosa Laguna?

With fast developing technology, the world is becoming so much easier to live in – even in beauty! With the use of blue light or Photodynamic Treatment, the treatments help remove sun-damage, fine lines, and blotchy pigmentation. The treatment can also improve the skin’s condition by reducing oil gland functions and treats acne from spreading profusely to the face.

This PTD method of treatment has become popular nowadays since it requires fewer incubation times and has been proven to be effective since its use.

If you’re curious as to what PDT really is and what benefits it has on your skin, read on more as we give the most useful facts you need to know for PDT Treatment in Sta Rosa Laguna.

What is Photodynamic Treatment?

Photodynamic Therapy (PDT) is a medical treatment that utilizes light source and exposure to activate and treat skin problems, especially acne. PDT has proven ability to kill microbial cells, including bacteria, fungi and viruses for clean and clear skin.

What are the steps in PDT treatment?

PDT essentially has three steps:

1. A light-sensitizing liquid, cream, or intravenous drug is applied or administered
2. There is an incubation period of 30-60 minutes to air dry
3. The target tissue is then exposed to a specific wavelength of light that then activates the photosensitizing medication, this activates oxygen molecules thus the PDT taking effect.

Different kinds of Lights for PDT

Red Light – Anti-aging

Collagen Regeneration, Rejuvenation, Firming

– Increases skin firmness with collagen and elastin regeneration
– Skin rejuvenation, making it look younger
– Makes skin firm and tight
– Increases skin regeneration inside the dermis

Blue Light – Acne/Anti-Bacterial Care

Acne alleviation, Sebum control, Anti-inflammation

– Relieves skin from inflammation
– Reduces signs of acne & skin troubles
– Minimizes skin shininess caused by excessive sebum secretion and thus, prevents further pore enlargement

Yellow Light – Detoxifying

Soothing, Relief, Detox

– Soothes skin redness including the erythema
– Gently stimulates lymphatic system, detoxifying the skin
– Immediately relieves skin sensitivity with increased skin immunity
– Recommended for soothing sunburn or skin irritation.

Green Light – Pigmentation

Brightening, Toning, Anti-Pigmentation

– Stimulates melanocyte, causing melanin
– Brightens up the uneven skin tone caused by pigmentation
– Prevents melanin formation, giving a toning effect.

Pink Light – Total Care “Acne + Rejuvenation”

Acne, Firming, Soothing

– Combination of 3 different wavelengths (Red, Blue, Pink)
– Blue: acne care, excessive sebum control
– Red: collagen regeneration, firming
– Pink: cell regeneration, soothing care

Cyan Light – Problematic Skin Treatment

Anti-inflammation, Problematic skin care, Soothing

– Soothes problematic skin such as acne and trouble
– Soothes acne skin
– Brightens up the pigmentation caused by acne spots
– Soothes irritated skin caused by acne and skin trouble

I (Blue and Yellow) Light – Intensive: Acne + Erythema Treatment

Anti-acne, Sensitivity Relief, Soothing

– Intensive care acne (Acne skin with skin sensitivity & redness)
– Soothes irritated & sensitive skin caused by acne & harmful environment factors
– Soothes skin redness and sensitivity

I (Blue and Green) Light Intensive: Acne + Pigmentation Treatment

Anti-acne, Sensitivity relief, Anti-pigmentation

– Intensive acne care (Acne skin with uneven skin tone from pigmentation
– Soothes acne and skin sensitivity
– Brightens and evens out pigmented spots from acne scar

Do’s and Dont’s When In Photodynamic Treatment

Anti-acne, Sensitivity relief, Anti-pigmentation

– Average 20 to 30 minutes per application, 2-3 times a week recommended
– Do not use right after the plastic surgery (1-2 months after surgery recommended)
– Use along with hydrogel mask or cosmetics for the optimal result
– Do not use during pregnancy

The greatest reminder of all: Photodynamic treatment is just an extra and supplemental treatment you do for your skin. It’s still important to treat yourself well, have a regular skin routine, and focus on the food you eat plus the lifestyle you live. The road to looking and feeling lighter is for overall well-being.

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