Perfect Mother’s Day Treat in Sta. Rosa Laguna

Perfect Mother’s Day Treat in Sta. Rosa Laguna

Mother’s day is just around the corner (it’s on March 13, 2018)! Have you decided on what to give your mom? Why not give her a full spa day at Invigor8 Wellness Spa! We’ve made it easier for you and narrowed down the perfect mother’s day treat you can give to the strongest woman in your life.

Invigor8 White Advance IV

Invigor8’s White Advance IV has more than just glutathione. It contains Vitamin C and ALA that helps strengthen the body and reduce damage caused by diabetes. Let’s admit it, our mom’s aren’t getting older. The more vitamins and nutrients they get, the better the chances of them living longer!

Invigor8 White Advance Infusion

Just like the Invigor8 White Advance, the infusion includes B-Complex that help convert our food into fuel, allowing us to stay energized throughout the day. Being easily tired comes with age, the B-complex can help maximize your mom’s energy for more adventures and happy memories.

Invigor8 Anti-Aging Facial

This Invigor8 facial has two collagen treatments applied to the skin – a collagen facial, diamond peel, and collagen mask. This is to help reduce wrinkles and fine lines your mom might have endured while raising and taking care of you since birth!

Invigor8 Face and Body Contouring

It’s a natural human phenomenon when an individual’s skin begins to sag more due to gravity. With the face and body contouring, we can prevent the early and over-sagging of the skin and muscles to still look young, fresh, and fit!

Eyebag Treatment and Serum Infusion

Being an all-around superwoman for the family is no easy task. Your mom has probably endured more sleepless nights taking care of everybody, making sure everyone is well and healthy. Treat her with an eye bag treatment that can lessen that dark under eyes.

As much children deserve the best, our mothers deserve the best as well. Give a mother’s day treat to your mom at Invigor8 Wellness Spa where she’ll look and feel lighter once she steps out. Set an appointment now!

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