Skin Tips from Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show Models

Skin Tips from Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show Models

One of fashion’s popular runway show is the annual Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show wherein the successful undergarment brand shows off the year’s latest designs and innovations. There is also a special bit of the show wherein they present the Wonder Bra, the brand’s most illustrious and coveted product of the year.

As much as we’re in awe of their physical fitness, their skin is flawless! Yes, we know makeup exists but to look like that even on a regular day is something we truly admire. We searched the internet and read some inside interviews of the coveted supermodels and listed down their most recommended skin care routine and beauty tips, here are some of their best tips.

1. Drink Probiotics

Drink it in after your meals or even during your meals can help detoxify your body and get rid of all the bad bacteria you don’t need.

2. Eat the Rainbow

Fresh produce comes in different colors and sizes. The color of the food has an effect on what it does to your body, be sure to take all the vitamins in and burn the fat.

3. Love Avocado

Considered as the world’s most packed fruit. The benefits you can get from eating avocado can include good skin, clean digestive system, and a heart boost.

4. Dab some Highlighter

This is actually a makeup tip, but it makes your skin look great! Apply highlighter on your cheekbones, Cupid ’s bow, and even on the tip of your nose for the fresh look.

5. Smile

The best beauty tip these supermodels can give is to always have a smile on your face to make you feel brighter and make others happier.

These are only some of the many rituals and tips the Victoria’s Secret Angels have to maintain their supermodel status. But if you want to be a step closer to keeping fit, healthy, and beautiful, why not try Invigor8’s gluta shots? They’re packed with vitamins that help you look and feel lighter. Schedule your appointment now!

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