Healthy Tips for Christmas to Avoid Overindulging

Healthy Tips for Christmas to Avoid Overindulging

We all want to look our best for this Christmas season. And let’s face it that with Christmas fast approaching, we indulge ourselves with delicious food prepared for Noche Buena. In fact, it’s been stated by Weight Loss Resources at an annual National Obesity Forum Conference that most people’s excess weight is gained over Christmas and during the holidays. For this holiday season, here are some healthy tips for Christmas season.

Healthy Tips for Christmas

How to Eat Healthy During the Holidays

Add antioxidant foods in your diet

Since antioxidants can neutralize free radicals, it prevents any damages to our skin cells and signs of aging. Antioxidant rich food are brightly colored red, orange, and yellow foods such as strawberries, red cabbage, beans, spinach, beets, and more.

Prevent grazing as much as possible

We Filipinos tend to have reunions during the holidays, and of course, eat a lot with all the prepared dishes for Noche Buena. But while the food is being prepared, we tend to graze on some snacks. According to nutritionist Sarah Flower to the UK Express: Beware of endless grazing, as salty snacks, in particular, can be addictive and the calories will quickly add up.”

Don’t over-indulge

With the holidays, we tend to “treat” ourselves since it’s Christmas after all. BUT! Instead of splurging on store-bought treats, treat yourself to, for example, homemade cookies baked by your mom. Choose the most special food that you really want for the upcoming Christmas day.

Stick to one type of drink

According to Sarah Flower: “Sticking to one type of alcohol throughout the night and alternating with a glass of water will keep your hydration levels up and prevent gorging on festive nibbles.” She further shared alcohol is rich in calories but devoid of nutrients. Make sure that you a nutritious meal before drinking as alcohol can increase your appetite and you may end up overindulging.

Follow these healthy tips for Christmas and you can avoid adding too many pounds. But if you need a quicker way to slim down and keep a fit body, you can try our luxury slimming services! You can book an appointment here! You can visit us at the 3rd Floor of Arcadia Building- Greenfield City San Bruno Drive, Don Jose, Santa Rosa City Laguna.

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